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Commercial Roofing in Tyler TX: Quality, Protection & Affordability!

Expert Roofer on Top of Architectural Metal Roof in Commercial Construction

We know you an honest and responsible business owner that likes to provide security and comfort to your clients, employees, and business partners that visit your commercial building.

I know it sounds like cliché, but your commercial roof is the ultimate protection against rain, ice, snow, and wind.

That is why you must make sure to choose the right roofing type and the most qualified commercial roofing company for your commercial roofing in Tyler TX.

Let us tell you that Hernandez Roofing is here to solve your roofing issues with our high-quality services.

Yet, if you still doubt about investing in your roofing systems, check two of the best reasons to invest on your commercial roofing in Tyler TX.

2 Best Reasons to Invest in Your Commercial Roofing in Tyler TX

1.     Protect Your Brand Image with the Best Commercial Roofs!

Besides protecting you, your loved ones, your merchandise, your raw materials, and business assets, commercial roofing has another purpose. And that is to reflect a good business image.

It is common sense that a client of any business will prefer to go to a place that is appealing and structurally safe.

Another key tip to use commercial roofing in Tyler TX at your favor is that you can send a message to the community for what your brand stands for.

For instance, you can invest on an eco-friendly roof and send a message of sustainability and conscientiousness to the public.

You can also obtain another type of commercial roofing that provides a message of financial health, responsibility, and power.

Everything is about brand image and customers experience.

Remember that a water leak will definitely destroy your merchandise, your business assets, and your reputation or business image in general. So, it is truly important that you keep on top of your roofing care.

In this way, you’ll protect your tangible assets, and at the same time, you’ll protect your intangible asset, which is the prestige of your company.

Remember that reflecting the best image of you is really important for getting the respect, recognition, and loyalty of all your customers.

2.     The Safety of Your Employees and Clients Depend on the Roof

As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of every person that sets a foot inside your commercial building.

This means that you need to invest on elements that enhance the security level of the people involved with your business.

Also, it’s a good point to remind that several companies have lost crucial transactions and investors because of poor structures including walls, bathrooms, and roofing systems.

Clients and employees will notice a positive change after you get our solutions for commercial roofing in Tyler TX.

Safe, strong, and lasting protection

Several roofing materials you can choose from

Hernandez Roofing Can Help You with Many Commercial Roofing Options

When it comes to a structural element as important as roofing, you must make a careful decision. By making the right decision, you can have roofing protection for many years to come.

Most common types of commercial roofing in Tyler TX are TPO, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, and Built-up Roof (BUR).

1.     Enjoy the Resilience of Modified Bitumen Roofs!

It offers significant resistance to foot traffic, tears, and punctures.

Also, modified bitumen roofing helps you safe energy since it reflects the sun light. By installing it, you’ll keep your business premises with fresh air at a lower energy cost.

Modified Bitumen roofs are an excellent choice to satisfy your needs of commercial roofing in Tyler TX.

2.     Budget-Friendly TPO Roofing Systems

This is a lightweight system and a highly reflective roofing membrane. So, your business will keep fresh inside even on a sunny day.

Besides being reflective, it is resistant to ultraviolet light, which is why it is a durable and resilient roofing option.

When it comes to life span, you can trust the protection of your business to TPO for more than 2 decades.

3.     EPDM (Protect Your Business for Decades)

This is a very durable roofing option. EPDM roofing membrane can protect your business operations from 25-30 years.

Two Builders Working on the Installation of Metal Roof for Industrial Building

4.     Built-Up Roof (BUR) System

Due to its many layers, BUR roof systems prove to be a great insulator and waterproof.

It is also very appealing roofing type since it is finished with gravel.

So, you will not only invest in a roof with 20 to 30 years of lifespan but also on a beautiful roofing option.

Free estimates are available upon request!

For us, customer satisfaction always comes first. We always go the extra lengths for our clients and we are not satisfied unless we are certain of their satisfaction.

Contact Hernandez Roofing—the Best Industrial Roofer in Tyler TX!

It does not matter what type of commercial roofing you want to install; we’ll make sure that all your problems with your commercial roofing in Tyler TX are solved.

Here at Hernandez Roofing, we are experts on any of these roofing types. We have the right tools, equipment, materials, but most important the talent and knowledge to guarantee superb roofing results.

We Can Help You With the Following Services:

  • Commercial Roof installation
  • Commercial Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roof Repair

As we said it before your commercial roof should be on top of your priorities. 

Get in contact with us today, so we can help you by protecting your business premises and your business relations.

Hernandez Roofing is one of the most reliable roofing services providers in Tyler TX and surrounding areas. The varied services we offer make us the preferred contractor for all your residential and commercial roofing needs, whether you need installation, maintenance, repair...

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